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Invest Smart, Invest Fast with Deckly

Automated Dealflow Management for Modern Venture Capitalists

Accelerating Investments, One Automated Review at a Time

Unlock More Time for Strategic Decisions — Let Deckly's AI Turbocharge Your Pitch Deck Evaluations and Propel Your Investments Forward

Due Diligence Done Faster

Deckly fetches contextual data for comprehensive investment insights from LinkedIn and Crunchbase, so you can get the full story without opening any other tabs.

Past and Present Tracking

Elevate your investments with Deckly's historical tracking. Gain insights, trends, and timely alerts for updates on your portfolio and competitors. Maximize the power of your history, present, and future investments effortlessly.

Deal Report Summaries

Streamline your due diligence reporting for well-informed and confident investment decisions, keeping you up-to-date without any time wastage.

Automated Feedback to Founders

Empower and engage with the startups that build businesses worthy of investment - Deckly writes feedback emails telling founders what they missed the mark on, whether it’s a need for more ARR, or if your fund’s thesis is a complete mismatch for them

Save Time, Invest Faster

Join our free pilot and start using Deckly to take the hassle out of pitch deck review and due diligence.

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