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Our Mission

Deckly's mission is to streamline the deal-making process, ensuring swift and efficient transactions that expedite the issuance of checks. Tailored for both investors and visionary startup founders, our platform is designed to save valuable time, empowering businesses to capitalize on opportunities with speed and precision.

Who Are We & Why

At Deckly, our seasoned team brings a wealth of experience from both entrepreneurial and shareholder perspectives. Having sat on both sides of the table, we intimately understand the unique challenges and time-consuming intricacies involved in due diligence for startups. Our mission is clear: we want to empower investors to save valuable time in processing deal flow, facilitating quicker decisions, and expediting check-writing for both their portfolios and the visionary founders we serve.


A standout feature we hold dear is Deckly's founder feedback mechanism—a personal favorite that enables investors to effortlessly communicate constructive insights to founders at no additional time cost. We believe in streamlining the investment journey, fostering efficient communication, and driving success for both investors and the innovative minds shaping the future.

Our Team.

Encompassing all the tech know-how and industry experience you'd expect.

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